Are you a newcomer to All Saints'?

Welcome! All Saints' strives in being a welcoming community of faith. We hope you will find a warm and hospitable welcome here, and that you will become an active and regular participant in the life of this community.

On our site, you will find information on various programs and activities available at All Saints'. You may also contact the church office, where our friendly staff would be happy to answer your questions.

If there is any way we can make you feel more welcome or we can be of service to you, please don't hesitate to let us know.

A warm welcome to you and yours!

Questions you may have . . .

It can be awkward to worship at a new place for the first time; we'd like you to feel welcome and at home before you even walk in the door!

What about children at services?

Young children at All Saints' are welcome at all of our services. Should you desire it, there is a nursery for children 0 to two years old, staffed by a rotation of parents whose children use the nursery. The Nursery is located on the first floor, to the right of the Garden entrance, and operates during the Christian Formation hour and during the Rite II morning services (9 and 11 a.m.).

How do you take communion?

Communion at All Saints' is open to all baptized persons. We receive communion in two kinds in the Episcopal Church. You will be offered a wafer of bread and a cup of wine. You may choose to receive either or both. You may dip your wafer in the cup or you may eat the wafer and drink directly from the cup when it is offered to you. You may indicate that you do not wish to receive either element by crossing your arms in front of your chest. If you choose not to receive the bread, you will be offered a blessing.

What type of classes do you offer for my children? Or Me?

Christian Formation Classes are offered for all ages beginning at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings during the program year. This schedule allows people who attend all three services to take advantage of our extensive and diverse offerings. We offer Sunday School classes for children three years old through 5th grade. We have two very active Youth Groups - the Junior High group is for youth in 6th though 8th grade and the Senior High group is for youth in 9th through 12th grade. We also offer two different Adult Education classes covering a variety of topics on Sunday mornings.

I'm unfamiliar with downtown - how do I find your church?

Directions, maps, and parking are all included on our directions page.

How do I learn more about the church?

Come join us for a service, and stay for morning coffee! We're sure you'll be able to find a smiling face and answers to your questions. Also, on the back of the pews you will find a card you may fill out to give us your name and address. On the card, you can request specific information, or a call from the clergy. If you can't come visit us, click around our site or contact our church office to get the answers to your questions.

We hope that your visit with us has been prayerful and that you will join us again!