Capital Campaign

Update April 2011: The Executive Summary has now been released for download! The Summary is a debriefing of what findings came out of the focus groups held in early 2011. View the Executive Summary here

Update March 2011: Thanks to all of you who have already given your generous pledges to our Living Stones Capital Campaign. Last week we were able to announce that we have reached over $500,000 in pledged dollars. Please stop by the Gathering area and see the beautiful Canterbury Cross as we continue to add pieces to it as a representation of your love, commitment and generosity for All Saintsí. We continue to ask for your assistance in making Campaign visits to help us reach and exceed our goals. Please call the church office for more details.

All Saints' is moving forward with the Capital Campaign! There were 19 Focus Group meetings where parishioners listend to a presentation and discussed projects that were proposed to be funded from a Capital Campaign. Including youth, 183 parishioners attended at least one meeting, and 156 completed surveys. View the Focus Group slideshow