Trust in God

Hello everyone! I’m Stacey Jones and I am a “cradle” Episcopalian as my mother says. Today in Samuel’s letter, Hannah is using what we call in my AP lit class “Doubles” and other people call them “opposites.” Like when she says in verse 6, “You take away life and you give life. You send people down to the world of the dead and bring them back again.” These statements contradict themselves so clearly that you have to pick which part you want to believe in.

But Hannah tells us how life is when she yells at the proud people saying “stop your boasting nothing is hidden from the Lord and he judges what you do.” So in my mind that means sometimes people can be proud of things they have done and they can do all the hooting and hollering they want but its God that decides whether it was a good or bad thing.

Now let’s move a little farther into the Bible to Psalm 16. This psalm was written by David to show his opinion about God and how God has affected him in his life. He says that he is safe with God and knows that God has helped him throughout his accomplished life and helped him to realize his meaning and purpose in life. David says in verse 10, “I am your chosen one. You won’t leave me in the grave or let my body decay.” David knows one of the most important things in life, that no matter how many sins he has committed that he is always #1 in God’s mind and the door will always be unlocked for him.

Then in the Gospel reading, Jesus is telling the disciples that buildings are going to fall down and “not one stone will be left in place” . . . Ok . . . that’s different ...... the first lesson and psalm are all about safety and trusting that God knows what’s going on then Jesus comes around and drops this bomb on the disciples—‘whoa whoa whoa I’m just getting started’—then he only tells (count on fingers as I say the names) Peter, James, John, and Andrew that they shouldn’t be afraid when wars begin because its not the end of the world but “earthquakes will happen and many people will starve to death.” Whoa, Jesus getting a little dark there!

If we read on Jesus continues to make the world seem like it is going to be the most horrible place ever, “Be on your guard! You will be taken to courts and beaten with whips in their meeting places. And because of me, you will have to stand in front of rulers and kings to tell about your faith. But before the end comes, the good news must be preached to all nations. When you are arrested, don’t worry about what you will say. You will be given the right words when the time comes. But you will not really be the ones speaking. Your words will come from the Holy Spirit. Brothers and sisters will betray each other and have each other put to death. Parents will betray their own children, and the children will turn against their parents and have them killed. Everyone will hate you because of me. But if you keep being faithful right to the end, you will be saved.” And they all lived happily ever after . . . wow pretty powerful stuff.

To sum up what Jesus means is simply this, when your world is falling apart, literally or mentally, just know that God will be like a best friend and always be there, ready to help in anyway that He can, no matter what the task is, no matter how big or how small, he will RELENTLESSLY give a helping hand. ...... But if that’s how the world will really end, no Mayan can predict it, just because their calendar ends doesn’t mean the world will end— maybe they ran out of room or they couldn’t count to 2013 so they cut it off there.

But anyway ...... so the Scripture lesson today would simply be to trust in God and you should find confidence in him even when things get dreadful. But God keeps us safe and this safety lesson doesn’t come with an annoying presentation that us students have to watch every single year, and trust me they get super annoying after 13 years of hearing the same things every year………Ok when there is a fire we are supposed to get out of the building in a single file manner and be quiet the whole time . . . psst if that fire alarm goes off and the teacher didn’t expect it I’m not getting into no single file line and staying quiet.

But sorry getting off topic, any who have trust in God and he will always help you find the correct path and mind set for it. God simply wants us to keep faith in him and “open” the doors of our mind for Him. One simple way that Ms. Donna Senif told me how to do this is to lift your hands up toward the sky and say” I’m giving this up to you, Lord” or say to yourself, “I am God’s beloved.”

If you can do that at least once every day, your life will seem to have more purpose and less stress. But if you forget to do that, just simply come to church on Sundays or come to youth group… and if you can’t do that regularly than read the bible a couple times, volunteer, do something without having to be told to do so. Anything that keeps you in high spirits and closer to God is the best decision. The end

—Stacey Jones, Youth Preacher
November 18, 2012