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Ladies and gentlemen, the Stewardship Pledge season has arrived, and with it the opportunity to reflect on how we will honor our Christian obligation to "give back" to the Lord.

Pledge your work, wealth, and wisdom online now!

You can make a one-time donation with our paypal button, read our pledge letter, fill out a pledge card, pledge online above, or contact accounting to arrange a recurring bank draw.

Please drop your filled-out card in the plate on Sunday, or mail it to the Church Office, Attn: Treasurer.

To learn more about our 2018 budget, you can download an updated version of the budget presentation from the annual meeting. Recall that we presented the budget as a work-in-progress since there were still some outstanding accounting items from 2017. The vestry approved the final version in the February meeting, so the 2018 budget is shown on the following pages.

More about Stewardship

The Stewardship Ministry exists as both its own practicing entity, and as the sum of eleven other, distinct component ministries: the Archives, Audit, Budget and Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Investments, Landscaping and Gardens, Legacy, Memorials Committees, the 'Over the Hill' Gang, the Parish Council, and the Vestry. The primary objectives that these constituent committees share are:

  • To encourage the constant recognition and acknowledgement that God is the source of all our earthly blessings.
  • To continually generate and encourage the appropriate, Godly response of gratitude by "sharing" our blessings of time, talent, and treasure.
  • To oversee the responsible use and management of All Saints' secular resources.
  • To encourage active, member participation in the work of the Church and the All Saints' community.

Archive Committee

The Archive Committee is responsible for acquisition, cataloging, and filing of documents, pictures, and other items related to the past and current activities of the All Saints' Parish.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews parish income and expenses and establishes best practices for managing All Saints' financial resources.

Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Ministry monitors and develops the annual budget for the parish along with tracking notes payables, cash flow position and financial trends for the current and past years. The ministry also oversees the annual audit and makes recommendations for additional income opportunities and methods on ways to reduce expenses.

Buildings & Grounds

All Saints' facilities are a home to a variety of groups: banquets, worship services, classes, ministry areas and more. Featuring one of downtown's largest meeting spaces, our buildings couldn't run without the loving care of our Buildings and Grounds committee. The team is responsible for keeping our buildings functional, beautiful, and safe, including decor, upkeep, emergency preparedness, and assisting our parish administrator with outside rentals.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating All Saints' bylaws. Working in conjunction with the diocese and the parish, the committee ensures that the bylaws harmonize with the Canons of the Episcopal Church and Maryland Law. This committee is active only if there has been a need expressed to review the bylaws.

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors those individuals who have provided a gift to All Saints' endowment funds through a bequest in their will, a charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, life insurance or a retirement asset. All Saints' Heritage Society offers its members the opportunity to designate from among several endowment funds where they would like their gift to be used.

Investments Committee

This committee oversees the management of the investment accounts of All Saints', which are maintained by a professional investment service.

Landscaping & Gardens Committee

This "hands on" committee oversees the planning, planting, and maintenance of the All Saints' grounds including the Church Street Main entry, the Court Street entry, the Memorial Garden, and the beds adjacent to the Black Horse entry. Their efforts are particularly important during the growing season, and typically include designated "garden clean-up days" when they enlist the efforts of all interested parishioners.


This committee oversees our memorials, including our memorial brick program.

'Over the Hill' Gang

The 'Over the Hill' Gang is a group of retired professionals who meet and work around the Parish Center, taking care of a number of light maintenance and repair projects.


The Vestry is the elective body which is responsible for setting policies and for oversight of the parish property and finances. At All Saints' the Vestry consists of the Rector and twelve elected representatives. Four members are elected each year at the Annual Meeting to serve a term of three years. The Youth also select a youth representative and an alternate to serve for one year. Parishioners are welcome to come to the Vestry meetings. If you would like to speak at a Vestry meeting, please speak to the rector or Senior Warden in advance of the meeting to be added to the agenda.