Worship: Connecting with God

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Worship is one of the fundamental parts of a church. It is the time we take out of our week to rejuvenate and invigorate our relationship with God. Our Worship ministries come together to create and enhance the worship experience here at All Saints'. These little details are what give the worship here its identity —its uniqueness. Come, join us in making the worship here an enriching, wonderful experience for all.

Not just on Sunday

It takes many hands and many hearts to hold a worship service. Altar Guild and Flower Guild prepare our worships spaces by adorning altars, arranging flowers, and more. Chalice bearers, lectors, and ushers share in communion duties, read Bible lessons, and welcome parishioners.

Worship Coordinators

To make a worship service go seamlessly, there are dozens of moving parts working in tandem. Each Sunday, two Worship Coordinators help make sure that everyone is in their place, knows what to do, and is ready to go. They anticipate issues before they become problems, help fill empty jobs, and often train new recruits. Coordinators also assist with making the vision of the clergy come to life and executing more complex services, such as Christmas or Holy Week.

Acolyte Corps

Acolytes provide a wonderful opportunity to be directly involved in our worship here at All Saints’. While mostly youth, any age can be involved in our Acolyte Corps. They assist in worship by bearing the cross, lighting candles, participating in the procession and recession, and more. If you are looking for a way to become more deeply involved in Sunday worship, this may be the ministry for you!

Altar Guild

In all of our worship spaces, the altar serves as an important focal point for our worship. Our Altar Guild provides the invaluable service of preparing the sanctuaries for service. They maintain and change the adorning linen with the season, prepare and set the altar, and help to make the sanctuaries beautiful and ready for worship. The Guild performs these duties for regular worship services, in addition to special services such as burials, weddings, or baptisms.

Chalice Bearers

Chalicists are trained to bear the chalice during the Eucharist, and to assist the Celebrant during the celebration of the Eucharist. They are particularly visible and important ministers in our worship and at all of our special liturgies, such as Holy Week and other holidays. The role of Chalicist is a special and intimate ministry: helping to feed the people of God with the Body and Blood of Christ.

Flower Guild

Part of the team that helps prepare our spaces for worship, the Flower Guild is by far the most fragrant! The Guild members work with the coordinator(s) to purchase and arrange flowers to adorn our spaces, for both regular services and special services such as weddings and funerals. They also fill our spaces to the brim with gorgeous arrangements for Easter and Christmas.


The Word of God is a gift to all—that's the main mission of the Lector ministry. The lectors read the biblical lessons in front of the congregation each week, in addition to the Prayers of the People. This ministry is ideal for those who enjoy reading, public speaking, or the beauty of the Word.


If you’ve ever been to a new church for the first time, you know that it isn’t always easy to find your way, or to know where to go or what to do. Our Ushers help our worship services flow smoothly, by greeting parishioners, helping them find seats, take communion, answer questions, or give directions.

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Music can lift us up

While not every service has music, song has been an important part of worship for decades at All Saints'. We have choirs for all ages, ranging from third grade to adult. We also have a hand bell choir called the "All Saints' Ringers." In addition to weekend worship, the vocal choirs and handbell choir perform at special services and concerts throughout the year.

Sanctuary Choir

Open to high schoolers with choral experience and adults, the Sanctuary Choir leads the 11 a.m. traditional worship service in the Historic Church the first 3 Sundays of the month. They are 'off' on the fourth Sunday of the month when the Jubilate Choir leads the service. Please contact Carroll Howe if you are interested in learning more about the Sanctuary Choir.

Great Hall Choir

The Great Hall Choir leads worship at our 9:00 a.m. Great Hall worship services, and at special services throughout the year. Although an ability to read music is a plus, it's not required. Please contact the church office if you are interested in learning more about the Great Hall Choir.

All Saints' Ringers

The All Saints' Ringers is an eleven member, 3 octave bell choir which plays special services throughout the year. Handbell choir members need to be able to read music, and attendance at rehearsals is essential to the success of this group. Please contact Carroll Howe if you are interested in learning more about the Handbell Choir.

Jubilate Choir

Open to all children ages 7-18, we rehearse on Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. in the choir room (in the basement of the campus center). The Jubilate Choir leads the worship twice a month: second Sundays of the month in the Great Hall and fourth Sundays in the Historic Church. We hope to perform a drama/musical in the spring which is one of the highlights of choir season.

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Daughters of the King®

The Order of the Daughters of the King® is for women who wish to cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus our Lord and savior and to strengthen the spiritual life of their community.


The Order of the Daughters of the King® is an order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, churches in communion with it, or churches in the historic episcopate but not in communion with it. Today our membership includes women in the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran (ELCA) and Roman Catholic churches. There are approximately 25,000 Daughters of the King in the United States and over 5,000 International Daughters in 22 countries.

The Order's purpose is to bring people into a living, loving relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior and to help strengthen the spiritual life of our parishes and missions. The Order has both lay and ordained women who dedicate themselves to a life of prayer, service and evangelism. All women of the parish are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to pray about joining the Order. A three-month preparation period of study and discernment is required and essential to learning more about the Order. Additional information is available on the DOK website (www.doknational.com).

Junior Daughters of the King is open to all baptized girls 7-21 who are interested in enriching their spiritual life. Becoming a Junior Daughter of the King gives a girl or young woman the opportunity to grow in her love and knowledge of Jesus Christ while serving her church and community. They are under the guidance and support of the Senior Chapter.

All Saints' is blessed to have both a senior and Junior DOK Chapter. Check our calendar page for our next Daughter's meeting. For our full ministry schedule or to get in touch with our DOK leaders, see our most recent newsletter for ministry contact information.